I was a contractor with your father in his Winery Building and remodeling era, what a great man and friend! Yesterday I learned of his passing, I thought I could reach out to a family member and express my condolences, John Koster was the only working mentor, I have been able to experience, in my professional career, what a great asset he has been in my life. He always spoke very highly of you and Tad, (he might remember me, we worked together briefly with your father). You two should both know how proud he was of you guys. not to many days at work did he not have a story to tell about you and Tad, he truly cherished both you. You and your family look very happy. Keep smiling, and know John touched many more people in his life than most will ever recognize. Last time I spoke with John he was heading up to the farm to help you guys with some carpentry work and was so looking forward to his day and time with his extended family!

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